Not locked yield, fixed yield.

Element Finance offers BTC, ETH and USDC at a discount, introducing high fixed yield income to the DeFi market.

Backed by
Will Villanueva
CEO & Co-Founder
Jonny Rhea
CTO & Co-Founder
Charles St.Louis
Windra Thio
Growth & Strategy
Danny Delott
Lead Front-End Engineer
Matt Brown
Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Nicholas Evans
Senior Solidity Engineer
Paul Vienhage
Lead Solidity Engineer
Fernando Martinelli
Founder & CEO @ Balancer Labs
Mariano Conti
Former Head of Smart Contracts @ Maker Foundation
Andy Chorlian
Co-Founder @ Fractional
Evan Van Ness
Week in Ethereum News
Eric Conner
Co-founder @ EthHub | Into the Ether Podcast
Danny Ryan
Ethereum Foundation: Eth 2 R&D